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Our Irrigation Process

The Irrigation team’s main focus is on water conservation and proper water precipitation, utilizing technologies to help the customer understand soil texture class for percolating rates, and devising run times in order to achieve cost savings for the customer.

We concentrate on preventative maintenance for our clients, i.e. mid-season reviews, upgrading product, retrofitting existing systems (converting conventional irrigation systems to web-based irrigation systems). This all results in water savings that translate to money back to the client. Our promise to the client is to deliver consistent, high-quality service and products while utilizing the cutting edge technology that will leave you 100% satisfied with the return on your investment.

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    • Irrigation Installation Services

      Commercial & Residential

      Custom Lawn & Garden Systems

      Tailored irrigation sustains custom lawn and garden systems by precisely delivering water, optimizing growth with efficient techniques and smart technologies.

      Rid O Rust & EZ Flo Fertigation Injection

      The Rid O Rust prevention formulas prevent well water rust staining. To visit their website and see their full range of products, click here.

      EZ Flo provides simple, automatic, proportional injection systems. To visit their website and see their full range of products, click here.

      Automatic Organic/Sand Filtration System

      When sand and dirt get inside your home’s water supply it restricts flow, clogs faucets and plugs sprinkler heads. The easy solution to removing sand and dirt is to install a Sand Separator. These separators remove sand and dirt continuously with no moving parts, cartridges to change, or screens to clean. Equipped with an automated purge valve flushes sand out of the separator automatically; Zero maintenance!

      Two-Wire Decoder Systems

      Traditionally wired and 2-wire are both types of irrigation systems. However, they are fundamentally very different types of technology. With a 2-wire system, you only need 2 wires, regardless of the number of valves and sensors connected. The system is intelligent and automatically communicates with the right recipient. This works with additional decoders that are placed in front of each solenoid valve and each sensor and have an individual address. If you want to switch a solenoid valve, the irrigation computer speaks to the decoder that is connected upstream of the desired valve and this opens the valve.

      Unlike the conventional system, the 2-wire system is not one-way, but enables two-way communication. The decoder can not only receive commands, but it can also send information back to the irrigation computer. Status information from valves and sensors can be reported back and modern irrigation computers can send automatic warning messages based on this if there is a problem.

      In addition, expanding an existing system is much easier than with a conventional system.

      Two-Wire Conversion

      Converting conventional systems to two wire systems

      Rain Harvesting Systems

      A rainwater harvesting system consists of a method to collect, divert, store, filter and distribute water into the landscape. Systems are designed to collect the amount of water required for landscape irrigation minus rainfall or if not, enough collection surface is available to supplement with municipal water or groundwater.

      Of course, using an efficient irrigation method and resource efficient plants will greatly reduce the amount of irrigation required.

      Evapotranspiration Systems/Weather Station Systems

      Weather-based smart controllers use weather data to calculate evapotranspiration, (temperature, solar radiation, rainfall, relative humidity, and wind speed) the amount of water that evaporates from the soil surface or is used by the plant.

      Based on local weather conditions, these smart controllers automatically adjust the irrigation schedule to deliver only enough water to meet the plant needs.

      Submersible, Booster, Jet & Centrifical Pumps

      Goulds Pumps, Munro Pumps, Grundfos Pumps

      Pump Relay & Variable Frequency Drives

      A pump start relay is an electrical device that allows your irrigation controller to communicate with the pump and turn it on.

      Variable frequency drives are used for adjusting flow or pressure to the actual demand.A variable frequency drive is a system for controlling the rotational speed of an alternating current electric motor. It controls the frequency of the electrical power supplied to the motor

      Drip & MicroIrrigation

      These systems provide targeted water delivery directly to plant roots, minimizing waste and promoting water efficiency in custom lawn and garden setups.

      H.D.P.E Butt Fusion, Socket Fusion & Electrical Fusion

      HDPE pipe fusion typically involves using heat and pressure to join the pipe segments. The two most common methods used for HDPE pipe fusion are butt fusion (also known as butt welding) and electrofusion. Butt fusion involves heating the pipe ends and then joining them together by applying pressure, while electrofusion utilizes specialized fittings with embedded heating elements fused to the pipe ends.

      Socket Fusion means the method of joining PE pipe using a coupling with an inside diameter sized to the outside diameter of the pipe. A short length of outside surface of the pipe and the inside surface of the coupling are heated to a molten state. The pipe is then pressed into the opening of the coupling.

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      Irrigation Maintenance Services

      Commercial & Residential

      Spring Start-Up (April, May or June)

      • Open Water  shut-off valve
      • Turn on every zone, visually checking for leaks proper operation of sprinkler heads and sufficient water coverage
      • Adjust and clean sprinkler heads as needed
      • Verify rain sensor is operational
      • Change battery in controller
      • Program controller for summer weather conditions

      Mid-Season Review (June, July or August)

      • Check every zone for leaks, proper sprinkler head operation & sufficient water coverage
      • Adjust and clean sprinkler heads as needed
      • Verify rain sensor is operational
      • Program controller for summer weather conditions

      Winterization (October or November)

      • Shut-off water to irrigation system
      • Open drains and backflow
      • Blow compressed air through lines, valves and sprinkler heads
      • Turn clock/controller off
      • Change battery in controller
      • Program controller for summer weather conditions

      Irrigation Pump Service

      • Installation of foot valve
      • Priming
      • Removal of foot valve
      • Winterization of the pump

      Monitoring for:

      • Scheduling Run Times
      • Time of day and Frequency
      • High Flows Alarm
      • Low Flows Alarm
      • Unscheduled Flows Alarm

      Monitoring of Weather-based Smart Controllers

      • Baseline
      • TUCOR
      • Hunter Centralus
      • Hunter Hydrawise
      • Rain Bird
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