D.W.Burr’s irrigation department is headed by Mark Twiss (PLM#0287140-J3). With over 20 years of experience Mark brings knowledge, experience and expertise to every aspect of the irrigation industry.

What sets the irrigation team at D.W. Burr Landscape & Design, Inc. apart from other companies is its commitment to preventative maintenance. Back flow testing, mid-season reviews, upgrading products, retro fitting existing systems (converting conventional irrigation to web based monitoring irrigation) all result in water savings which translates to money saved for our clients. Our promise is to deliver consistently high-quality service and products by utilizing the cutting edge technology that will leave you fully satisfied with the return on your investment.

New Irrigation Installation

A custom installed irrigation system is an investment that contributes to both the beauty and value of your property. D.W. Burr Landscape & Design, Inc., a Simsbury, Connecticut Premier Lawn Sprinkler company, specializes in installing all-inclusive irrigation systems by Hunter, a proven leader in residential and commercial irrigation equipment.

All sprinkler systems installed by D.W. Burr Landscape & Design, Inc. exceed all local and state codes and are fully licensed and insured. All newly installed Irrigation systems are backed by extensive warranties.

Redesign of an Old System

Whether your existing system is old, damaged or inefficient, we can help you either replace it or redesign its layout. Our designer will carefully analyze the current system, understand its problems and shortcomings, and develop a more efficient design for your lawn.

Well Water Installation

D.W. Burr Landscape & Design, Inc. experienced designer and installers can create the perfect irrigation system for your needs, even if you have well water.

Well water customers are required to provide information from your well company, To insure a proper design. We are happy to talk to your well company to explain exactly what information we need. Most well water companies can provide you with an audit to verify the size and flow rate of your existing well (Not the flow rate of the pump). With this information provided, we can design the perfect system to match your well’s production rate.

In addition to specifying the correct number of zones and types of sprinkler heads to match your well’s flow rate, our technicians can program your system controller for a (Well Recovery Zone) between zones to replenish your well. This knowledge insures proper watering without the worry of the household running out of water.

Irrigation Maintenance:

• Seasonal Maintenance Contracts (Residential and Commercial) for Start-up, Midsummer Review, and Winterization
• After hours and Emergency Service
• Backflow Testing
• Upgrades and Improvements to Existing Irrigation Systems
• Repair of Submersible, Booster, Jet and Variable Speed Pump

Additional Services:

• Free estimates
• Retrofits (converting traditional irrigation to web based monitoring system)
• Flow-Pro fertilization/Rid-O-Rust System
• Custom Design/installation of lawn and garden irrigation systems
• Complete service and/or replacement of older systems
• Spring start-up and fall shutdown of system
• As-built drawings of the system as it was installed, including main line, valve locations and numbered zones
• Installation of automatic Organic/Sand filtration systems
• Installation of two wire decoder systems
• Backflow repair
• Installation of submersible pumps, booster pumps, jet pumps, and variable speed pump
• Rain Harvesting Irrigation Design/Installation
• Micro Drip Design/Installation