At D.W. Burr Landscape & Design, Inc. we take great pride in “helping nature look its best.” This begins with a great design, comes to life with a professional installation, and continues to beautify and delight with proper maintenance. We provide this full range of landscape services to add value to your property and create a beautiful, worry-free environment for you.

Landscape Design

A beautiful, worry-free landscape starts with a great design. Our experienced landscape architects work with you to determine your goals, and design a plan to meet and exceed your every desire. Whether you want lush greens or dramatic colors, a tiny oasis or an expansive plot, we take a variety of factors into consideration, including visual impact, the soil and lighting of your location, the amount of maintenance a design will require, and of course cost. With these and other factors in mind, we develop the perfect unique plan for you.

Landscape Installation

Just as your professional plan lays the foundation for your new landscape, the key to making it come to life is professional, experienced installation. Our installers work with care and knowledge, as well as top quality plants, to prepare your location and create a beautiful new look that will continue to delight you for years to come. How your landscape is initially planted has everything to do with how it will flourish over time.

Landscape Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to keeping a landscape looking good over time. Some types of plants and styles of landscaping require more maintenance than others. Whether you need an annual cleanup, seasonal preparation or pruning, or more frequent care during blooming/growing months, we can provide you with as little or as much plant care as is needed to keep your landscaping displaying its full potential.

Additional Services

To keep your landscape looking it’s very best, please see our additional services including:

  • Hardscaping Design & Construction
  • Water Features
  • Property Management
  • Insect Control
  • Snow & Ice Management
  • Irrigation Services